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Dr Steven Greer suggests Stanford "Alien" Atacama Cover Up

ATACAMA Chili Alien Mummy photo

UFO Alien News: On March 22nd, a report was released all over the Mainstream Media about "Ata", the 6-inch mummified humanoid "Alien" discovered in Chile's Atacama Desert and featured in Dr Steven Greer's 2013 film, Sirius. The new report, published by Stanford University geneticist, Dr Garry Nolan in Genome Research claims that the tiny mummy was a miscarried fetus with numerous genetic mutations, "affecting bone development and ossification."
As a complete layperson, Nolan's latest findings to me don't seem like an about-face of what he'd said previously on the Sirius Disclosure website or anything like a travesty of science but Greer is up in arms and is calling it a "cover up".
I do find it concerning that Garry Nolan is now a member of Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy (TTSA), a conclave of counterintelligence and CIA personnel developing UFO entertainment products – and whose sincerity has been questioned repeatedly here.
As Greer tells Carol Rosin, "They're trying to move everything you and I are doing aside, so they can have a clear playing field for an 'alien threat' announcement...there is a methodology being followed here: 'Let's discredit anything related to the actual truth and people doing truth-telling...and let's magnify people running scams...the TTSA group and the counterintelligence and CIA people that are fronting for this cabal who are trying to prepare the world for the alien threat, so that we can spend trillions of dollars on a fake threat that doesn't exist and put weapons all over space, which has just been announced...This is the future of the human race that's at stake here...
Back in 2012, Nolan's preliminary findings were that Ata shared just 91% of its genetics with humans, which he said made it worthy of further study in his on-camera dialogue with Dr. Greer. (For some perspective, spiders share 88% of their genetics with humans).
However, Nolan did state at the time, "~9% 'unmatched' DNA should not be interpreted to represent anything unusual about the specimen itself," citing DNA degradation and laboratory-generated errors as possible causes.
In his new article on Tom DeLonge's website for The The Stars Academy, Nolan now claims that the media had a hey day with the unmatched DNA and that they misrepresented his incomplete findings, spurring him to complete the study, which took another four years.
Nolan says: "We managed to solve a mystery about ATA – and realize in the end that Ata is a story of a human tragedy. Someone had a baby with catastrophic birth deformities. A young girl died early, became an international story about aliens, but also taught us a series of lessons which we might eventually turn around to help patients. So, it’s also a hopeful story and the researchers I worked with on this are all glad to have been a part of it. For me, it underscores why I was excited to be a part of To The Stars Academy. I know the others on the team share my dedication to using good science for the study of biological issues and physical phenomena that mainstream science to date has ignored. Like Ata there will be lessons, and hopefully we’ll be able to turn those lessons around to create things and understandings that benefit everyone. It starts by asking, 'What is that?' It continues by stating... 'I can understand that.' It concludes by actually doing it."
For his part, Greer is calling Nolan's study "Utter complete junk...I think the United States has become a lost cause. The corruption here is so bad, the corruption of the media, the collusion with academia...and the intelligence community is so entrenched that we need help from Russia and China and Brazil and Chile and Bolivia and – wherever – France...
Greer says that as the beneficiary of most of the ET-designed weapons technology, the US will not let go of this advantage and its associated secrets. "This is one of my messages to Vladimir Putin and to China: 'Do not wait for the United States.' The United States, at this point has lost its ability to lead on this matter."
Greer says, "I left my medical profession because at the heart of the factual, truthful disclosure of this issue [extraterrestrial civilizations] is the ability for the human race to go forward, not only in space peacefully but to live on this planet without destroying it...The technologies they've kept from us...would give us free and clean energy, no pollution. Poverty on this planet would be eliminated in one generation...all of that is possible, Carol but it isn't going to happen unless we as a people come together and make it so." credit Forbidden Knowledge TV

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