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Dr.J.Vallee UFO Sightings Capable of Manipulating Space & Time

My personal contention is that this UFO phenomenon could be something much more interesting that the UFO phenomenon is the result of an intelligence, that is technologically directed by an intelligence, and that this intelligence is capable of manipulating space and time in ways that we don't understand. The essential conclusion I’m tending to is that the origin of the UFO phenomenon of the intelligence is not necessarily extraterrestrial I think we are dealing with something that is both technological and psychic, and seems to be able to manipulate other dimensions. Dr. Jacques Vallee, UFOlogy research pioneer and consciousness scholar. (YouTube video titled Thinking Allowed Implications of the UFO Phenomena, interviewed by Dr. Jeffrey Mislove, dated 2003.) credit Reinerio Hernandez

Dr. Jacques Vallee UFO researcher

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