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Down the Rabbit Hole of ET Encounters

The story you are about to hear, to some of you, may sound - way out there and to others, completely real. Rey Hernandez, an ET experiencer and co-founder of FREE which stands for the Dr. Edgar Michell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters thought he was losing his mind, literally, until he realized something much bigger was going on. After a series of strange encounters that both he AND his family became entangled with, Rey set out on a course to understand the basis for all of the high strangeness that was surrounding him. Synchronistically, he was guided to ET researcher Mary Rodwell, as well as the late astronaut and physicist Dr. Edgar Mitchell, or should I say, THEY were guided to him. Through these relationships, along with his own experiences, Rey was about to change his life in ways he’d never imagined. And this is how the organization FREE was born. Listen to this fascinating story!

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