Disk Shaped UFO Sighting Lakeland FL

Small white lighted disk shaped UFO Sighting in Florida hovering right above shopping mall. Saw this UFO fly across the highway while I was driving on it, thought it was someone’s drone but it looked very big for a drone. UFO Sighting stopped and hovered over a shopping mall and I saw the light moving across the center ring. Colored lights (red and green) on top and a moving light ring going around the center. It followed in my direction, behind my car for about 5 minutes. I got uncomfortable feeling like it was following me (I was the only car on a very dark road) and told myself it was a police helicopter using speed radar until I looked at it again and it was definitely no helicopter. Underneath this UFO were many small white lights in a formation. They moved like illuminated jellyfish tentacles (?). After a few minutes I checked to see if this UFO was still there and I WATCHED as the disk disappeared into the sky. My car engine had been acting up minutes before I saw it and I was driving next to cow fields for some of the UFO sighting. NUFORC. 2/7/2020  Lakeland FL

UFO Sighting Disk over Lakeland, FL 2-7-2020

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