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Disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence might just end the career of many politicians

I believe that acknowledging an ET presence might inspire us to make good political choices. If ET civilizations can travel the vast distances of space, or move through other dimensions to get here, then a great deal of energy would be required for these remarkable feats. Such enormous power if used for war would likely destroy any ET civilization long before they could get very far from their star system, thus logically precluding them from reaching Earth. So the fact that ETs are likely here suggests to me that they have probably achieved cultural advances eliminating both war and the constant preparation for war that are major terrestrial activities.

If an extraterrestrial civilization can live in peace and arrive here, maybe we can learn to eliminate war as well. This is a hopeful message that will likely resonate powerfully with the Earth’s people yearning for peace.

As Ufologist Stanton Friedman has pointed out here on Earth right now, “Nationalism is the name of the game.” However if an ET presence facilitates establishing planetary unity and people start embracing the ideal of one planet one people, the ideology of extreme nationalism will be forever cast aside. The common folk of every nation will no longer be mislead by their leaders to fight wars against one another.

Creating social justice through peaceful reform in my opinion will have to be part of the process. But if all this transpires what will happen to the current leaders whose grip on power is maintained by the promotion of fear and their own blind greed? Perhaps this prospect is one more reason for our elites to deny the reality of the flying saucer phenomenon and the ET hypothesis as its explanation. Joesph Burkes

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