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Diamond Shape UFO Sighting also appears 3_7_19 over Mckeesport PA

Triangular star shaped UFO Sighting with 4 red lights which omitted another identical one from inside it. UFO Sighting hovers does not move.
Standing on my deck noticed a diamond shaped UFO at first thought it was a star until I noticed 4 red lights in the shape of a triangle. UFO did not move nor did it make a sound. Then UFO omitted an identical craft that came out of it somehow. So now there are 2 UFOs just sitting there. This is the second night in a row. I go in to get my phone and it is gone then reappears in a different area in the sky over a rural area. It is not a plane!!! Kinda spooky. My husband has also seen the same thing on a separate occasion. We are both Security officers trained to observe and have an eye for detail. This happened in Elizabeth Twp. Area, facing South. nuforc.org

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