Descending Rapidly UFO Sighting 1-9-19 over Southington CT

UFO News Today: UFO falling so fast, nothing would’ve could’ve stopped in time before ground contact.
Was traveling on Route 84 west, between exits 31 and 30, at 6:30 am, when in front of me, off in the distance some three miles away one triangular shaped UFO Sighting (with three points aiming up) was descending rapidly straight down. UFO was bright white/silver thinking the sun was reflecting off of it. As the UFO Sighting disappeared I expected a large sound thinking it was going to crash and explode. As I was driving on Route 84 towards where I figured it crashed. Kept looking for any orange glow and/or smoke but nothing. Tried to rationalize by thinking it was a satellite or other space debris. Nothing on the news.

Triangle shape UFO Sighting reported 1/9/19 over Southington CT

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