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Dartmouth’s Round Hill UFO Sightings Paranormal activity

UFO News Today: That radio telescope, combined with the electrical experimentation at Round Hill, frequently drew UFOs to the site. They have been reported in the area going back into the 1930's, even before the real “flying saucer” buzz of the late 1940's through the 1950's. But multiple “flaps” of UFO sightings have been reported at Round Hill in the ensuing decades; one belief is that the Particle Collider that was once housed there as an experiment actually proved to be successful, drawing the watchful eye of an alien race that is trying to keep us from discovering technology that could lead to our own undoing. Even today, Round Hill Beach has a slight nod to the area’s alien history. Read More: The Weird Paranormal History of Dartmouth’s Round Hill |http://wbsm.com/the-weird-paranormal-UFO-history-of-dartmouth…/…

Dartmouth’s Round Hill UFO Sightings paranormal activity

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