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Dark Grey Tube Shaped UFO Sighting Reported over Montana

I was asleep and my daughter woke me up saying mom there is a tube flying outside. So I got up and saw a cigar shaped UFO flying very slowly. It was about 400-500 ft. up and you could see the lights from town shining on the bottom of the craft. UFO Sighting was dark gray or black in color with some lights forward toward the top but still on the side. about 4-5 lights that were white. It flew in a straight path across from left to right as I was looking out of my window. UFO Sighting flew towards a North-East-East direction. We went out side and it keep flying pretty slowly out of town. I tried to make a video but it didn't come out very well because the window screen was in the way when I tried to film it. If was flying super slowly like a helicopter but there was absolutely no noise. I would know if it was a helicopter because there is a helicopter-pad at the hospital right by my house. mufon cms# 110761 White Sulpher Springs Montana 8/7/20 Region has had 394 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

cigar shaped UFO with several flying saucers

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