Dark Gray Metallic Oval Shaped UFO Sighting

Flying over the American River and Power LinesI unknowingly captured what appears to be a UFO in a photo taken from my backyard of the sky and clouds,Tonight Friday, June 12, 2020 at 5:46 pm. Our backyard backs up to the levee of the american river just north of the J Street Bridge in Sacramento. the sky began turning from blue to dark gray as a storm front rolled in to town. The clouds were beautiful and people were still out walking on the Levee. From my back door facing east/northeast, I took some photos on my i-phone. later, I began playing around with them on the phone's photo editor to see which ones I wanted to post on social media. That's when I noticed the dot high in the sky at top of the very first photo in the series. When I realized it wasn't my phone and that it was actually in the photo, I cropped it and zoomed in. I was stunned by the shape, the fuzzy edges and subtle violet hue around it. I looked at the other photos, but it only appeared in the very first one and was completely gone in the others. I hope you are able to analyze this better than I am with my phone. Curiously, this is my second UFO sighting in the last week in this same neighborhood. Tonight, I also reported my first UFO sighting, which occurred on June 4, 2020. report #109429. mufon cms# 109430 Sacramento California 6-12-20 Region has had 1,0829 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

UFO Sighting reported over Sacramento California 6-12-20

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