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Dark Black UFO Sighting with what appeared to be Jagged Shape Kenner CA

Kenner CA July 4 2017 Black UFO Sighting report NYUFO

UFO Sighting Occurred on July 4th 2017 Kenner CA. It was just after sunset, and I was looking at the moon in the SE sky, when I was startled to witness a Dark Black UFO with what appeared to be a "jagged" shape. I was really taken aback because this UFO Sighting was pitch black against the blue sky. I tried to figure out if it was a drone, but I heard no noise and saw no lights. UFO traveled from the south in a straight line moving NNE. UFO disappeared over Lake Ponchatrain. The distance the UFO traveled had to be at least 2 miles. UFO was hard to estimate the height. The UFO took approx. 1 minute to travel across the sky. I ran to get my camera, but the batteries were dead!!! Is it possible this was a drone? This is the oddest thing I've ever seen in the sky, and I'm an amateur astronomer. Hoping someone else might have seen it, because if you looked up around that time, there is NO WAY you could have missed it. source nuforc.org

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