Cylinder Shape UFO Sighting reported 2/21/18 N.Chesterfield VA

On the evening of February 21, 2018, I was standing on my apartment balcony, looking at the constellation, Cassiopeia. The sky was absolutely clear with no cloud cover. It was fairly dark with some moonlight. Very close in proximity to the area where the constellation is, I saw a translucent, very feint bluish white light that was shaped like a very narrow, cylindrical UFO Sighting moving extremely fast from south, over my apartment building, to North, until it disappears into the horizon. I could see it fly continuously in an absolute straight line, at a very constant speed, until It went so far that I couldn't see it anymore. It made no sound. Nothing odd, with electricity or animal behavior happened.

It was maybe 15-20 seconds, from me seeing it, until it disappears into the horizon, on it's straight path. I was absolutely astounded at what I had seen, because it was unlike anything that I has seen before. The object, itself, looked almost like a bluish white Laser light. There was no physical structure seen but there was a perfect shape to the UFO itself. It was perfectly shaped like a very skinny cigar. It seemed to be fairly low because it wasn't at a high degree in the sky. I have a tree line, about 2 football fields in front of my building and it was, to my eyes, about 10-20 degrees above the tree line, when it disappears into the horizon. This UFO Sighting was so perfectly shaped, light, that It had to have been a planned or constructed UFO. It moved at one constant speed, with no variation and went dead straight.

The color was such that if you hadn't been looking at the exact spot of where it was, you would have never seen it! It appeared to blend in with the sky, with the lightest translucent color that you could see. UFO Sighting was moving so fast that, again, unless you were looking, just a little off, you would have missed it or passed it off as a flash. I was fortunate enough to see it from my building and followed it with my eyes, until it went so far that I couldn't see it anymore. The size must have been pretty big, because it was much much longer than any plane in the sky or width of a nearby building, across from me. The night was super clear, so I'm not experienced at determining height in the sky. It did look to be 10-20 degrees above a tree line, but could have been quite high due to my inexperienced eye.

What struck me so odd was the perfect shape of this translucent light it had a beginning and end. Also, the pathway that it was on was absolutely straight, fast and looked to be intentional versus a falling star that's a little imperfect. After my initial awe, I had the thought that whatever this was, blended in the night sky so we'll, that it was meant not to be seen, or was " blending in". It was moving so fast, on it's straight path, that it would certainly have been missed if you just glanced up. I was, unfortunate enough, to have caught site of a moving UFO in my site, and was able to follow it until it disappeared. I have seen many odd things in the skies above this area, but this was just plain bizarre. I did watch it until it disappeared and waited for 10-15 minutes to see if I could see another anomaly, or see if there would be anything in the area that could possibly explain this light anomaly. I saw nothing else unusual, that evening and ran immediately to tell my elderly mother what I had just seen" this time".

I have two other very odd UFO sightings that I have not reported, because I thought there were so many things seen in my area, that I may not be taken seriously. I avoid my back porch, for this reason. It makes you feel a little scared, after so many odd occurrences. Quickly, I will add two more. One evening, about three months ago, I was watching a normal airplane go across the sky from north to south east, when the plane all of a sudden had a second identical plane, just behind and below it. I actually stood in amazement thinking I was seeing a rare phenomenon of the light bouncing off of the clouds and causing a mirror effect. I thought it was really cool looking! We had low cloud cover, that evening and the plane was below the clouds.

I thought I was seeing a rare mirror effect of the planes lights on the mist in the air. I watched it until it disappears around the end of my building. I had watched this plane across the sky and this happened only near the end of the  UFO sighting. I ended the evening thinking I had seen something cool, until I told my ex what I had seen and he pointed out that if it was a mirror effect, that it would have been an opposite image of the plane and not an exact image. He also pointed out that it wouldn't have been behind the plane, but under or over it! I hadn't thought about that, but scientifically, it was true. I still don't know what I saw. One last quickie. I was changing my puppies, dog pads, on my back porch that's why I'm out there in the first place most of the time, because I try to avoid going out there when a very large triangular set of extremely bright red lights came directly down the center of the field where my back patio faces! It was 5 bright red lights, in a triangle pattern one light leading the UFO. It slowly and soundlessly went West to east, not way up in the sky.

It made no sound, it was constant speed and kept going slowly until I could see only the back red lights of the UFO at a distance. I ran and got my elderly mother, who also saw the tale end of it. The lights were HUGE and you could see them from a good distance because they were so bright. This was about six months ago. I don't know what's going on, in my area but I'm not a nut case! These things are really happening and I'm not sure if our government is doing something in this area, that we don't know about or is there something more to be afraid of. For now, I will change my dogs pee pee pads, on the back balcony, with my eyes shut! I would love to know if others are seeing unexplained occurrences in the skies above the Chesterfield/ Richmond Virginia area. mufon cms# 90384

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