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Creepy Silent Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting reported FL.

Clear Large bright lights behind an UFO that appeared as a torpedo like haze with stealth like speed & silence over Davie Florida 7/3/19.
While beginning my exterior security rounds at 2:15 am I noticed an unusually bright light in sky approaching very quickly in manner that was not typical of most planes & jets in sky. As it approached very near my direction at a very fast pace I noticed more details unusual about this UFO Sighting. I fumbled to get my cell phone for video but it was so fast I could only manage a quick photo after it passed me. The most unusual thing I noticed was how large & long the object appeared and that there was a haze in front of the light(s) that were at the tail end of the UFO. At first I only saw it as one light in sky. I thought for a moment it was coming right at me almost as if it saw me. Then in the sky about even with me slightly north (airport to south) it was not very high I noticed there were two lights in a vertical line one after the other and the distance between indicating a very long UFO, much longer then a typical jet. It clearly appeared as one object. I thought for a moment perhaps a blimp. The haze was very distinctive and oddly visible in front of the lights. It had a translucent appearance almost as like an "aura" and was shaped like a cigar (or torpedo). It did not look at all like smoke or an exhaust trail and most odd was again the length of the haze forward of the two lights that were in very clear view behind the long shaped "aura" of the UFO that could not be seen. It appeared to be descending in the sky but in direction not typical of the other planes that land at nearby airport but further south of the sighted UFO. My photo does not show the haze only the two lights at tail end. Lastly there is a nearby airport to the south of this sighting. Minutes later a descending commercial jet in typical fashion even at night was very visible and distinctly heard as it descended for landing. The UFO I saw to the north was equally close enough to be heard and much larger & longer. It was creepy and silent. I called local police shortly after returning from rounds to report this UFO sighting and find out if anyone else reported anything. It was clearly visible at all time to anyone who may have been out at 2:15 am. No UFO Sightings reports had been made by others at that time and I declined to leave name or contact.

Cigar shaped UFO Sighting reported Davie FL 2019

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