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Columbia River UFO Sighting Incident with Police Recordings (1981)

In 1981 at least one huge bright UFO was witnessed by several police officers and many civilians in Oregon, USA. The original radio call in was recorded and this rarely discussed UFO incident may hold genuine evidence of UFO sound captured on tape. 
This video contains an initial press interview with a police officer recorded later on the same day of the UFO sighting. This video also includes the sound recording of the initial report and analysis of the object as well as an audio recording of the the UFO created while it made noise. The audio recording has been subtitled for easier understanding.
On March 17, 1981 (4:03 AM). Saint Helens, Oregon. Sergeant Russell Yokum of the Oregon Police Department was driving down Highway 30, situated west of the Columbia River, when a bright light caught his attention. The light was hovering high above the icy waters and traveling upriver towards the Portland Airport, roughly 20 miles away. What caught the Sergeant’s attention was how bright the light was, especially how it almost seemed to light up the river as if it were day light. Sergeant Yokum immediately called headquarters to let them know about the mysterious light traveling up the river. Within minutes several other law enforcement officials, and civilians, bore witness to the strange activity early that morning. To their amazement, the UFO emitted a high-pitched whirling sound for a few minutes before fading out and disappearing into the darkness. Luckily for us, the entire radio conversation was recorded by those listening in. Around the 2:00 minute mark of the recording, the whirling sound that the UFO emitted can be clearly heard in the background. 

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