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Clear Water Minnesota Sliver Shape UFO Photo

I was locking up the historic courthouse where I worked one day a week and as I passed the large window that over looked the valley I took a photo, being an artist I thought the misty valley would make a nice painting. After I took the photo I finished locking up the courthouse and later I looked at the photo and realized I had taken a photo of a saucer shaped UFO moving at high speed across the valley. The UFO looks like its over the valley which would make the distance between half mile to a mile away. That would make the UFO pretty large. I thought I'd send it to you to see what you think. MUFON CMS# 106985 This UFO Sighting occurred on 8/20/2018 over Clear Water Minnesota This Region has had 1212 UFO Sightings Reports.

Cler Water Minnesota Sliver Shap UFO reported

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