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Circular UFOs with colorful lights moving erratically high in the sky

Tonight and on many different occasions one to three colorful disc shaped UFOs have been sighted hovering high in the sky.One UFO is always in the center moving slowly side to side and up and down, its seems to be larger than the others. Sometimes this UFO is alone, but on most occasions it is accompanied by two to three smaller UFOs.The smaller UFOs are also multi colored, and move erratically in circles and side to side around the larger one. The movement is very erratic at times not like any air craft I have seen. They really put on a show, with the blinking and rotating lights. It usually last a few hours. They are so high in the air, if they were still you would think that they were stars.This happens several times per month, five miles east of the Little Rock Air Force Base, around the Kerr station road/South Bend AR area. UFO Sighting reported on 2/16/19

Several Disk Shaped UFO Sightings Jacksonville AR

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