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Circular UFO Sighting with bluish/white light Los Angeles County CA

A small bright, bluish dot of light came up over my house as I sat in my backyard hot tub. I stargaze out there almost every night so I am well accustomed to airplanes, helicopters, shooting stars, and satellites sightings. At first I thought this UFO Sighting was simply a bright satellite as it was tracking in a smooth slow trajectory up over my house in an area of sky where I usually spot satellites as they traverse at night. It was after about 10 seconds of observation that I witnessed the small bright UFO pause, then continue slowly, then pause and hover again.

This told me it was definitely not a satellite and had to be a craft of some sort. It then continued forward but made a slow "S" shaped squiggle of its flight path unlike any airplane, drone, or helicopter would generally execute. UFO Sighting paused once more and then began to get brighter. I realized it was descending from a much higher altitude to a lower one. It was not quite directly over me at this point but very near vertical as far as the angle at which I had to look up. Once it got low enough I could distinctly see the UFO was circular and convex on the bottom, perhaps a sphere, but possibly more flattened. Color was black or dark gray from what I could make out.

The bright light was not on the bottom but rather pointing out horizontally from one side. I was a brilliant white/bluish hue and did not flicker or blink at all as an aircraft lights might. No sound was audible from it. I observed the UFO hovering at this lower altitude of roughly 750-1000 feet up for about 5 minutes. I ran inside after that point to grab my camera. It was still present when I returned but had ascended much higher. I attempted to get a picture but it was too hard to get a clear focus as it continued to ascend and then the light faded out suddenly and it was gone. I have been stargazing for years now and have never seen something I couldn't ID as I am familiar with all kinds of aircraft, satellites, and shooting stars that frequent the night sky. This was something very different and I cannot figure out what it was other than a definite UFO with a circular profile when viewed looking up from the ground. UFO Sighting occurred on July 24th 2019 at 1:pm

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