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Circular Shaped UFO Sighting Reported

It was the night of the Pink Super Moon, on the 7th going into 8th April 2020. I had been taking photos of the moon until about midnight.Went to the kitchen sink to get glass of water after putting camera away,it was a very bright night due to the full moon & the garden & sky were well lit. As I stood drinking looking out of the window some movement in the sky made me look up I observed a circular UFO falling or flying downwards from high up in the sky, UFO came down straight to start with & then fell into a sweeping curve. This UFO Sighting traveled very fast & as it curved it seemed to go below & behind the roof of a house that is behind my house & to the left. Next to the roof of that house are a lot of trees & I just could not see where the Circular Shaped UFO went after that. It looked like it came down very low almost as if to land, but I cannot confirm that as I could not see clearly it may well have gone back up out of my line of vision. I was a bit stunned & shocked because I could not work out what the UFO Sighting was. It looked to be silvery white around the perimeter but the middle part looked very orange/pink & looked like it stood out it was not flat, & looked translucent or semi transparent. How it looked to me was almost like an orange jewel/stone that was shaped & set into the silvery white outer edge.Sorry i know that this sounds a bit confusing,it was very bright & sparkly looking. It was unusual enough for me to be quite shocked & wondering what on earth it was.I did not have time to take a photo of it sadly as it happened so fast. I am wondering if the bright orange middle of the UFO Sighting could have been lit by lights on the inside, as it reminded me a bit of a car headlight.I did hear in the morning of a few other similar UFO Sightings via social media,in other parts of the UK around the same time. MUFON CMS# 107584 East Preston UK Region has had 2088 Reported UFO Sightings to date. No Video or Photo's available.

Pink Super Moon UFO Sighting UK

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