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Cigar Shaped Metallic UFO Sighting Reported

I was turning on the sprinkler to water my vegetable garden, and noticed that there were a lot of exceptionally active birds fluttering around my home. This drew my attention to the sky, where I observed an apparently Cigar Shaped Metallic UFO moving south across the eastern sky. I have a flight radar app on my phone, and there were no registered aircraft shown in this section of the sky. I watched the UFO Sighting until it was out of my line of sight ( 4 minutes), then went into my house to tell my partner and a friend what I had seen. after this, I went into my backyard to let our dogs out, and again observed the same type of object, in roughly the same area I had observed one moments before, but presumably at a greater distance due to the smaller apparent size. I filmed the UFO Sighting for a 18 seconds, and then asked my partner & friend to join me in observing the object. Both of them also observed the object now more or less due south, at which point we noticed there was another similarly shaped object in the sky nearby the first object. The second UFO, however, had a contrail. Again, I checked the flight radar app on my phone, which showed no registered aircraft in that portion of the sky. We watched the objects for a few more minutes until they were too small to distinguish with the naked eye. mufon cms# 110119 Toledo Ohio 7/13/2020 Region has had 3,001 Reported UFO Sightings to date.  View Toledo Ohio  UFO Video Unable to link

Cylinder Shaped UFO

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