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CIA Classified 1950's Document UFO Aliens landing on Earth 22216

The real life X Files: CIA release former top secret documents about alien UFOs landing on earth  Extraterrestrials "Aliens" have Landed On Earth! We have KNOWN THAT at least 70 years. OPEN CONTACT WILL NOT END THE Truth Embargo. Only a Formal ‪#‎UFO Alien Disclosure‬ by the President of the United States can do that along with evidentiary proof held by the Pentagon, his subordinates.WAKE UP! ‪#‎TheTruthIsStillOutThere‬ FORMER secret documents detailing a series of strange encounters with UFOs and aliens have been released by the CIA. The UFO Alien files, which date back to the 1950s, contain extraordinary witness accounts of extraterrestrials landing on earth. One document from 1952 is a sworn testimony by former mayor of German town Gleimershausen, Oscar Linke. THE SUN.CO.UK credit Elizabeth Trutwin

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