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Chrome Colored UFO Sighting Reported

I was 13 yrs old at the time when this UFO Sighting happened it was in 2002. I stayed with my father during the summertime and well he worked and a place called the Pogie Plant and every other day after work he would get home which was at 4:00 pm on the dot, he would take a shower and get ready to head to town to his favorite place to eat which was a dinner called pit grill in Sulfur LA its was a 30 min drive to get there so as we're driving you have to go over a big bridge called the Ellender bridge which is located on the out skirts of my home town and as soon as you get down the bridge there is a curve and then a long straight away as we're on this straight I noticed this low bright looking star it was only about 5:15 pm so there was no way it was a star I asked my father ( hey Dad do see that bright light right there) he then takes his eyes off the road and looks ( yeah son I see it) as we kept driving I noticed it was looking like it was getting bigger, I started to excited sitting forward out the sit hands on the dashboard ( I yelled dad pull over pull over ) never taking my eyes off of it ( dad take a picture do something ) I yelled excitedly, back then there was crappy flip phones and the cameras wasn't very good but at least it would be something.

I turned my head to my father as we was getting closer to it. I never seen my father sacred in my entire life until that moment he would look down to the road up to the bright light back and forth almost in a slight panic then turning my head back and then I seen it it wasn't a light, it was the whole UFO Sighting Chrome Mirrored colored reflecting the sun and it was huge and scary I could see its outline, the glare was gone, the clouds above mirroring on the the top of the craft, the land under it was shaded, the bottom of the UFO Sighting itself black Darker than black. In the angle we was at going over the the small bridge ahead looking through my father's driver side window it was like looking at a black hole in the sky facing downwards towards the marshy grasslands just black emptiness we're over the bridge, the tall pine trees block out the UFO Sighting it's out of my sight now but I keep my eyes facing that way where it was, we pass the trees, large pasture land opens up in view, UFO Sighting was gone leaving round cookie cut shaped straight up through the clouds as far as I can see I been living with this for over 17 years or so. My father doesn't want to talk about it he told me never to tell anyone about it cause people would call me crazy that whole experience is like branded into my brain I cant forget it even to this day I can close my eyes and relive every minute of it. The UFO Sighting was 80.ft in diameter 30 wide 60 feet from the ground no markings just chrome colored black bottom I tell this story to hope someone else might have seen the same thing I did and tell me you're not crazy. mufon cms# 109202 Carlyss Louisiana 5-16-02 Region has had 831 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Chrome UFO Flying Saucer

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