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Christina Engelhardt (11-15-2016) Contactee Tells Her Amazing Story

From the time Christina was a little girl, she knew she was different, and so did her grandmother. From as young as 6 years of age, Christina recalls being tutored by her grandmother in the art of palm and tarot reading. And as a little girl, Christina knew she was meant to do this work. 

Christina was a child of German immigrants, growing up in a middle class Jewish neighborhood in New Jersey. Unfortunately, she was shunned by the other children, some even throwing rocks at her and calling her names. This forced Christina on a journey inward, where she threw herself into her studies of astrology, Tarot, numerology, runes, the I Ching and more. Christina became introverted, and would take lone walks into the woods, where she would think she was gone for only a few minutes, but then realizing upon her return that hours had passed. This happened frequently. 

Christina also received visitations. Ghosts were common, and she would communicate with them. But then there were the other visitors, who stood in hooded cloaks, surrounding her bed. 

Christina grew up to be a beautiful young lady, and went to New York to pursue a modeling career.She was very successful, but always kept her foot in the door of the psychic world, studying with other renowned psychics in New York City. 

At 24 years of age, Christina's life took an interesting turn one sunny afternoon over tea. She was at the apartment of a close friend, a 90 year old psychic woman, who had recognized Christina's gifts and befriended her to help mentor her gifts. The woman put down her cup and out of the blue said to Christina "You need to pack your things and get to Los Angeles by the 20th of October. You will meet an Italian movie director, and you will hear voices from Outer Space!"

Christina knew that her friend Geri was never wrong when it came to these things, so she dutifully packed her things, left her life in New York, and headed out for Los Angeles. 

Simultaneously, half way across the globe, renowned Italian movie director, Federico Fellini, received a phone call at his office. But it was not a normal call. Amid a background of whistling radio static, a high pitched metallic voice told him in no uncertain terms that he must go to Los Angeles, that he would meet someone important there, and that this person would be a messenger to him. The nature of the call affected Fellini profoundly, and he followed the directions of the voice, loaded up his entourage, and flew out for Los Angeles. 

It is here that the life paths of Christina and Fellini would intersect, and led the two strangers on a journey to Tulum and beyond, all the while guided by the strange metallic voices, that would call both of them no matter where on the globe they were. The tale is truly amazing, and was documented by Fellini, his entourage, and of course, Christina. 

Tonight, Christina will regale us with her amazing journey of synchronicity and high strangeness, and the message the voices have left entrusted to her. 

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