Chevron UFO Sighting reported Lake Zurich IL

Large flying UFO Sighting with red light behind and front of the UFO heard a emitting low pitch mechanical sound.

Night of April 1, 2019, around 11:58 pm ending no later than April 2, 12:02 am. I was traveling North bound (NW) on Old McHenry Rd in Lake Zurich, IL, past Twin Orchard Country Club on my right and then past Heron Creek Forest Preserve. After I crossed Rt 22 (Half Day Rd) I had noticed some white lights low in the sky on my left above the Kemper Lake in the Golf Course. As I I realized the lights were not the type one could see on the commercial aircraft I pulled over and watched them approach. The UFO Sighting was traveling east (SE). The UFO had a massive “grill” in front and it emanated red glow in the shape of a horizontal rectangle. There were two light areas symmetrically placed on both sides of the red “grill”. I can’t tell what was the size of the “grill”, but the total distance between the white lights areas (on opposite sides of the “grill”) was approx. 120 meters. The UFO was emitting very low hum.I had seen strange lights (glowing white points) in the area before (going back to 2017), but had never seen anything this big with the red grill and the sound. NUFORC {photo below only a depiction of UFO Sighting}

Chevron Shaped UFO Sighting reported Zurich IL 2019

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