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Challenges from Roswell UFO Meta Material Analysis

UFO News:

Dr. Vallee's presentation at the 2017 Contact in the Desert goes into the fascinating subject of meta materials obtained from UFOs. Dr. Vallee describes some of the challenges of analyzing the material. Curiously from the counter-intelligence point of view Dr. Vallee points out that for researchers to get the material, it is important to convince those who have recovered the items that they are not part of a cover-up seeking to deep six the data within secret programs. Twenty-one years ago, Roswell investigator Dennis Balthaser posted a narrative describing how his attempts to obtain materials from the Roswell crash were foiled by AFOSI agents that seized the wreckage just before he picked it up. These AFOSI people reportedly were using phone taps to intercept Mr. Balthaser’s communication with those that possessed the highly desired material. This is the link to his detailed article “Interception.”

These considerations are important because they reflect how both governmental authorities and the terrestrial elites that they serve, consider flying saucers to be a tremendous threat to their power. Unless contact and disclosure activists understand how profound and fierce this opposition is, we will never grasp the necessity of creating a broad social movement that will have sufficient political power to overcome this opposition and achieve full direct relations with the non-human intelligence associated with the flying saucer phenomena. The achievement of world peace based on social justice are in my opinion preconditions for opening up Earth civilization to what appear to advanced ET and or Inter-dimensional cultures. It is my hope this will be a non-violent revolution that will transform our civilization and allow us to realize our true place in the universe.  credit J.Burkes M.D


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