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Case of Interest UFO Sightings & Telepathy

UFO News Today: Telepathy is reported in the context of UFO sightings and close encounters, as well as in Near Death Experiences, and sometimes in sightings of cryptids, as well as in other paranormal experiences. It is a "contact modality" and perhaps the key to understanding much of what science doesn't yet understand about consciousness and its relationship to the physical universe. Then we approach telepathy from the assumption of materialism the belief that each brain contains a unique mind isolated and separate from all other minds  we tend to look for the physical mechanism that allows information to be transmitted from one brain to another. But I suspect that this assumption of materialism is incorrect. Consciousness may in fact be a singular phenomenon, and minds are not truly separate or unique it's more like a fractal or a hologram each mind contains the whole and all minds are connected in unity. Telepathy, then, isn't some anomaly requiring a special transmission mechanism. It may actually something very basic and natural. credit D.Chase/ UFO Sightings and Telepathy

UFO Sightings and Telepathy

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