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Canton Georgia UFO Sighting reported

A total of fifteen UFOs were visible, How far away was the UFO Sighting? 500-2000 yards. Having seen the phenomenon many nights in a row a friend and I decided to mount spotting scopes cameras and high powered laser pointers to tripods in an effort to document the ongoing UFO phenomenon in the Atlanta area and stabilize images. The closest UFO Sighting appeared to be 300 to 500 yards away and maybe 150ft high . As many as 15 to 20 UFOs were visible in the area and generally moving in a southwest direction, some very high some at tree top. Objects were observed to be stationary at times and then moving rapidly at others. The UFOs were recorded as they responded to a blue laser pointer. In the video you can see the UFO move to avoid the laser. Additionally you can see from the picture at some point, more than once the object seemed to manipulate the beam causing a mushrooming effect of the light. the total time of the encounter was about two hours it would be noted when pointing optical or digital based observation tools (cameras and scope)directly on the UFOs, we found it seemed focusing was unusually difficult as if reflecting direct light. Almost like cloaking. We also found focus could be achieved by viewing from an angle or the corner of your eye. Once we used the laser the UFO came very close and seemed intent on observing us. As we continued to focus on the closest object of about 15 another had come in behind us in relatively low altitude and proximity. Displaying a pack hunting type of approach. When we turned back and the original object had dropped below the tree line. We observed the pack movements a while longer and left. I would note I have witnessed and recorded these objects in Hawaii as well in the last two months. those are the clips using a green laser. The UFOs appear similar. Personally I just wanna know I am not crazy. No photos, videos or other media were provided.  MUFON CMS# 106810  Canton Georgia 3/9/20 Region has had 1888 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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