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Can False Memories be created during UFO Sighting Abductions?

False Memories during UFO Sightings

UFO News: The Reasons Why Contact Experience Need to Address Issues Raised by Memory Science.
Joseph Burkes MD 2018

The scientific research into false memory creation should not be ignored. At the current time the civilian UFO community has been relegated to a subculture that it attacked because we threaten the existing predominant belief systems whether they be scientific materialism or good old fashion religions. This situation will likely change as more people accept the reality of the phenomenon. The pace of this change will be determined by both human factors and the actions of UFO intelligence. At some time in the future, years?, decades? or perhaps even generations, the larger society will likely look to UFO experience for rationale explanations as to what is going on.

How can Contact experience and their supporters fulfill the responsibility of engaging in a program of responsible public education? In my opinion we cannot unless we study the arguments of so-called skeptics and respond intelligently, not with our variety of competing belief systems about UFOsbut rather with an analysis that acknowledges existing scientific research on human psychology which includes memory science.

There is a difference between the term skeptic and debunker. A true skeptic has doubts but if they are rationale and honest, in my opinion they can be dialogue with and conceivably be won over to seeing the reality and importance of the phenomena. Those want-to-be debunker that routinely dismiss our experiences cannot be convinced because they are promoting an irrational belief system that is in denial about a most complex and mysterious set of phenomena.

Some the arguments put forward by doubters make sense, but we can only deal with them effectively by studying them carefully. Or we can simply label them skeptics and dismiss them as others have tried to dismiss us. There are many inexplicable aspects of Contact experiences that I believe we can decipher by understanding the mechanisms of Contact. The Virtual Experience Hypothesis is a model that attempts to address some of the apparent inconsistencies and absurdities that we are experiencing when UFO intelligence engage us. I have hypothesized that a VE-3 or virtual memory can help explain some of these inconsistencies. The creation of false memories by UFO intelligence such as so-called screen memories needs to be analyzed carefully. The use of hypnosis by humans to do the same, no matter how well intention hypnotherapists are, and frankly some are not, should also be investigated and understood.

In my opinion at the current time we are mainly arguing among ourselves about our conflicting views of aliens in rather simplistic ways. We should not ignore the mechanisms of Contact by which this otherness that we call ET is engaging us. From a rational point of view this should include a discussion of the psychology and psycho physiology of memory.

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