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Camera Captures Huge Orbs Hovering over house

It started with Orbs, brought to my attention by my cat, captured on video camera, in the house and not seen for months. After seeing them on the video, I set up wireless, night vision security cameras in the house and captured Orbs coming through the walls and other solid objects. I captured these  Orbs shape-shifting, morphing into strings. They are so fast, I could only see them by putting the video into another app that I could slow down, frame by frame. Then I put the cameras back outside and see huge orbs hovering over my house, on the roof and other areas, blocking out the view of the camera but not visible to the naked eye. Then I captured a green laser-type beam coming down the corner of my house from high above it, through the clouds above the view of the camera. I hear unexplained noises and my cat sees them in the house. It is obvious when he sees something that I cannot. Occasionally, I will catch Orbs out of the corner of my eye or a white blink on a black TV background but they are quick and it makes you question yourself unless you have it on video. I have tons of video evidence but the files are huge and I will not be able to transmit very many. No video or photo's available for this post. mufon cms# 109573 Aurora West Virginia 61020 photos not available

Orbs-Color Chart

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