California UFO Sighting Dark Gray Parallelogram Shape towards Ocean

I saw this months ago but hesitated to report it. it was a Saturday in October in 2020 but I do no recall the exact date (your site made me pick one). I was driving north on prairie avenue from Torrance at about 11:20 am and I saw it in the sky, probably north of El Segundo but not yet in La. The sky was blue and cloudless and there were no planes. initially the size of this thing looked a bit like a typical banner a plane would tow, but it was way too dark to have any message or logo, and there was no plane! it was also not tumbling, as something that was ejected from a plane would. UFO Sighting was a dull, medium-to-dark silver-gray with black textured areas, no obvious lights or protrusions. Its shape was a parallelogram, not a real rectangle. the lower left "angle" of the parallelogram was leading. It was initially heading primarily west (mostly nearly horizontal) and only descending a little bit. The flight path appeared totally under control. As I watched, it began to descend more sharply but continued to travel west, never straight down. eventually I lost sight of it behind a tall building. before that, it was getting so low that I thought it was trying to land and was wondering where it would do that. This is a very populated area. Then I realized that it was probably heading out toward the ocean. From where I was at the time, I was maybe 1.5 to 2 miles from the ocean. It was to my left and traveling left, so it was always getting closer to the ocean. I saw it for less than 3 minutes. I was driving so I did not have an opportunity to take any photos, but it looked exactly like Rectangular UFOs I have seen on "paranormal caught on camera." I am curious why there were no reports of this by anyone else, unless it was because everyone was inside due to Covid. Normally the beaches it would have to pass over are crowded and it seems logical that someone would see it if it were to enter the water. mufon cms# 115582 El Segundo California. This UFO Sighting Report occurred on or about 10/10/20 Was reported on 5/21/21. This Region has had 11,487 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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