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Buzz Aldrin and 3 Astronauts passed lie detector tests over Alien UFO encounters

Buzz Aldrin have passed lie detector tests over Alien UFO encounters

UFO News: Moon  Walker Buzz Aldrin and 3 other astronauts have passed lie detector tests over claims they experienced Alien UFO encounters. All four astronauts taking part passed the test, carried out using the latest technology. Buzz Aldrin, Al Worden, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper all took part in the study.

Buzz Aldrin, said he saw a UFO on the way to the moon: “There was something out there that was close enough to be observed, sort of L-shaped.” Bio Acoustic’s Sharry Edwards said the tests show Mr Aldrin is certain he sighted a UFO. Apollo 15 pilot Al Worden, 86, also claims to have seen aliens in a shocking Good Morning Britain interview. Apollo 14’s Mitchell claimed to have seen numerous UFOs while Cooper described them chasing a cluster of UFOs.

The results “prove” they were “completely convinced” of signs of alien life they claim to have witnessed, experts say. credit A.Kumar

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