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Bright White light covered surface UFO moving very slowly towards northwest FL

At approximately 10 pm, 5/27/18, my wife and I departed a relative’s residence in San Antonio, FL, to return to our home 6 miles to the east in Dade City, FL. As I stepped out I noticed what I thought was a very bright star, brighter than any other stars in the night sky. I commented how bright it was to my wife and two relatives. We began to question if the UFO Sighting was a star, and noted that the UFO Sighting was moving very slowly. One of the relatives got their binoculars and each of us used them in an effort to identify the craft. Each of us said the UFO appeared to have some type of very bright white lights surrounding its entire surface, with my wife’s sister describing the lights as being arranged in a diamond pattern. We continued watching the craft for about 5 minutes and then my wife and I headed home. Upon arriving home 15-20 minutes later, I looked toward the west and spotted the UFO. It was moving very slowly toward the north, at about 40-50 degrees above the horizon. I attempted to photograph the UFO Sighting using a telephoto lens, however, without the aid of a tripod the photograph is not sharp, and is not a good representation of what 4 of us observed. I watched the UFO until it disappeared beyond the horizon. nuforc.org

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