Bright White Glowing Orb Produces Energy Beam

On August 2nd, 2020 at approximately 8 pm, we observed a UFO Sighting that was a white glowing orb with a clear energy beam used to manipulate the clearly identified UFO craft. The Object was stationary at first, but it began to move, changing directions using the energy exhaust/beam. It did it for approximately 13 minutes and then it became stationary for another 5 minutes over the area. We also captured approximately four minutes of the craft stationary. The best description of the movement is of a fish swimming around in a fish bowl. The UFO video is raw and unedited and available if needed for further research. The file is fairly large, almost 2 GB, so I uploaded it to You-tube. the footage was so clear and amazing that I uploaded it: https://youtu.Be/gos3wtaqsrs my first and only UFO video on You-tube, I was that shocked. mufon cms# 110665 Fulton Maryland U.S.

UFO Flying Saucer Hovering over trees

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