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Bright Orange UFO Sighting reported Oregon

On the night of July 11, 2019 I was riding in a car southbound on St Rte 237 about 5 miles NE of North Powder, Or. It was very a dark, mainly clear, night making it very easy to see the stars. Being an avid stargazer, I looked up to the sky to watch the stars pass by. To the southwest from the passengers front seat I saw a strange bright orange light in the sky hovering around the moon. I immediately noticed that this light was not a star or planet and did not seem to be any aerial craft that I am familiar with. There was no explanation as to how this UFO Sighting was staying in the sky because I did not see a jet trail or fire coming from anywhere on the UFO Sighting. I began to get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. As I watched the UFO, the light elongated into an oblong shape, still showing the same orange light. 

I watched the UFO Sighting morph back and forth between the orb and the oblong shape for about 15 min in the clear sky. Suddenly clouds appeared covering the area where the moon and the UFO both were. Through the clouds you could still see the light of the UFO Sighting shining very brightly. I watched the light change color from orange to white and begin blinking in and out from behind the clouds as a strobe light would. After about 3-5 minutes the light completely disappeared followed by the dissipation of the clouds where the moon was back out but nothing was around it. I continued to glance at the sky for the next few minutes and the UFO suddenly appeared again after about 5 minutes just as it had the first time. The UFO Sighting continued to morph back and forth between the orb and the oblong shape, shifting from side to side, while hovering.

The UFO stayed around the moon either at the same level or dipping down just a bit below the moon's level. I watched this for about 45 minutes then more clouds showed up between my view and the UFO Sighting, where it repeated the same process as before, then again disappeared. When this happened the clouds followed suit dissipating, revealing the UFO had vanished once again. After a few minutes the UFO returned again, where I continued to watch this process repeat, until around 12:30 when I fell asleep in the car. I could still see the UFO very vividly during the event as I passed through towns and cities with their bright lights against the night sky. I saw a plane in a different area of the sky but both the plane and object stayed in separate areas of each other. Since the incident I have had technical issues with my phone working such as touch screen not registering, apps opening themselves, and my battery draining faster. I am thoroughly convinced I saw an extraterrestrial craft in the sky that night. nuforc.org

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