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Bright blue oval shaped UFO Sighting in fast descent

At approximately 21:00 hours on February 26, 2019, my husband and I were on the way home from dinner in the nearby town of Farmville. We were driving southbound on route 696 (Green Bay Road) when we Sighted a large oval shaped, bright blue UFO in the sky. In a matter of seconds, the UFO Sighting descended into the tree line at a very high rate of speed near Leigh Mountain Road where several cell phone / radio towers are located. My husband and I remarked, “Did you see that?” and “What was that?” at the same moment. Because of the UFO’s speedy descent, my husband (a law enforcement officer with thirteen years of experience) remarked it looked like an aerial vehicle crashing. Upon reaching our home about ten minutes later, my husband checked his radio for traffic about a crashed vehicle. There was no radio traffic concerning any downed aircraft. My husband lived by Ocean and the Naval Base in Norfolk, VA, for 30 years and never saw any military craft resembling what we saw tonight. Because of the short duration of our UFO sighting, estimates on distance and size are difficult to say. 

Blue Oval Shaped UFO reported  2-26-19 Green Bay VA

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