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Blue Red UFO Sighting San Diego CA 6-21-17

June 25, 2017

Blue Red UFO Sighting San Diego CA 6-21-17

UFO Sighting of a Disk-surrounded with red/blue lights doing amazing acrobatic maneuvers in night sky. When I went out tonight to collect my mail, I witnessed a disk/flat shaped UFO craft surrounded with bright/deep blue lights, and also red lights. They appeared to be 1/2 and 1/2. The UFO Sighting was below the very high cloud cover and was in the West sky. As I watched this UFO, it darted at a rapid speed, shooting back/forth, up/down. A neighbor came outdoors to take her trash out, and I pointed to the UFO, telling her what I had observed. She looked up at it, stating she knew, as she had been watching it from her apartment balcony but didn't know what it was. 
As we both stood watching this UFO do racing/darting acrobatics, it suddenly shot straight up...then raced at a very high rate of speed to the North, out of sight. The speed and ability to maneuver as it did made it impossible for it to have been any typical aircraft. We heard no noise. source

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