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Blue Circular UFO Sighting with a long tail over Cape Coral FL

Blue UFO Sighting reported over Cape Coral FL 10-12-18

UFO Sighting over South West Florida? @ 2:55am EST On October 12, 2018, I observed a UFO light blue in color encompassed in a halo roughly a quarter of the size as the UFO but the color was a light blue but almost white in appearance. It was headed 60 degrees NE “rapidly”. Bright enough where I could feel my pupils dilate like a bright flash hit my eyes. The weirdest thing is that the UFO just didn’t seem bright enough to cause the effect it had on my eyes. Whatever it was, the UFO was muffled by the cloudy overcast night. The UFO seemed to be circular in shape with a equally sized tail. The front portion had a glow about half the size as the tail, shaped the same way as the tail yet, not as bright. The UFO Sighting faded in and I observed it for approximately 6-8 seconds when it just as quietly and quickly as it appeared, it slowly faded out. I desperately looked for a continuation of the sighting however, watching the path I observed it in, it never reappeared, not a glow or anything. nuforc.org

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