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Bloomington Indiana Rectangle Shape UFO Reported

I'd like to preface this with the fact that I have flown small private aircraft in my lifetime and i have kept myself informed and up to date on current civilian and military aircraft and identification of said aircraft. Observation was between Stanford and Springville Indiana near snow road and rock east road. at approximately 1:00 pm est, in early October on a warm, clear day with no wind, observed from my property on a 20 acre cleared high hilltop I observed what I thought at first to be a fairly large, white aircraft flying NW to SE at what appeared to be 4,000 - 5,000 feet altitude. flight speed appeared to be less than 200 mph which struck me as odd since a craft of that size should have been flying faster as observed from my perspective. My next sense that something was odd was that I heard no sound whatsoever and again, any craft in as close proximity to me as this craft was should have made a good deal of audible sound but again, this UFO Sighting was silent as it flew overhead. At this point I was intrigued as to what kind of aircraft would be so quiet, thinking that new technology has really made leaps and bounds in quiet jet aircraft it was at this juncture that the aircraft was at it's closest point to me at 70 degrees elevation to the east, 4k-5k feet altitude with the sun shining directly onto the UFO's starboard side that I noticed that it had no wings, tail or stabilizers. UFO was just a solid white rectangular tube, possibly 100' long x 20' wide square on it's trailing end and had a slight taper from the bottom up at the front leading end that was approximately 15' to 20' long. I observed this UFO for approximately two minutes as it traversed the sky NW to SE until it simply disappeared in the distance which from my elevation above the surrounding terrain would have been approximately 20 miles South East. I didn't think about pulling my I-phone out to attempt to photograph the UFO Sighting until I walked back into the house. interestingly, I have suppressed talking to anyone including my wife about this observation. MUFON CMS# 106993

Rectangle Shape UFO Sighting reported

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