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UFO Sighting two UFOs with windows reported

Whilst in bed with curtains open at approx 10.30pm on Saturday 4th April, my partner saw in the distance in the sky an orange UFO light . Whilst it gained her attention she noticed another orange UFO light running parallel but slightly behind the first. As the two UFO Sightings grew closer she got out of bed and went towards the window. As they got closer still she was surprised to see two rocket shaped UFOs with windows down side, flying perfectly flat and with a slight orange glow around each of them. UFO Sighting made no noise and were at a low height enabling her to distinguish the windows through the orange glow around them. they were visible from the window 8 -10 mins from first seen. Lost sight as they went past side of house, unable to see from window anymore. We live approx 5-6 miles from Leeds and Bradford airport and these UFOs seemed to be heading in that direction. I was downstairs, curtains closed watching TV. she came running downstairs telling me her account. I opened curtains and looked out but could not see anything. Front of house faces airport so maybe mistaken with direction taken. We see planes all the time but partner specific about them not planes. MUFON CMS# 107511 Leeds England U.K Region has had 2086 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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