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Mysterious UFO Sightings Colorado Update

UFO News Update: DENVER -- Law enforcement plan to hold a closed-door meeting in Yuma County Monday to discuss mysterious drone sightings plaguing eastern Colorado. In the past few weeks, dozens of people from Weld to Yuma counties have reported large clusters of drones hovering or flying in formation. On Saturday night, a FOX 31 viewer captured video of one of 30 reported drones flying east to west over Kiowa. An expert tells the Problem Solvers the drones may be more than 8 feet across and cost $100,000 to assemble. Sheriff's offices in eastern Colorado, the FBI, the FAA and politicians are now involved in tracking down these drones. Two storm chasers are monitoring the sky above the eastern plains, hoping to help verify drone sightings and aid in the investigation. So far, no one has come forward claiming responsibility. credit S.Agermose.

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