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Will we ever take UFO Sightings seriously?

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"The most significant analysis of UFOs can be said to be written by L. M. Chassin, a French Air Force general who has been a high ranking NATO officer. He argues that by any legal rules of evidence, there is now sufficient UFO sighting data amassed from reputable sources astronomers, pilots, radar operators and the like to initiate a serious and thorough worldwide investigation of UFO Sightings phenomena. Actually, if you could examine even a fraction of the extant testimony you will find that people have been sent to the gas chamber on far less substantial evidence. Of course, it's possible that all the governments in the world really do take UFO Sightingsseriously and perhaps are already engaging in secret study projects to determine their origin, nature and intentions. If so, they may not be disclosing their findings for fear that the public might be alarmed the danger of cultural shock deriving from confrontation with the unknown which we discussed earlier, and which is an element of 2001, when news of the monolith's discovery on the Moon is suppressed."Will we ever take UFO Sightings seriously?credit F.Stalter

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