Saucer Shaped UFO Sighting No Sound Rotating Blinking Lights Windows Rome New York

Rome New York UFO Sighting reported Saucer shape 1974

UFO Sighting occurred over Rome New York on 9/5/74 I was riding in a car with a friend of mine. It was a crisp, clear night outside. We were traveling on a street in a small neighborhood. NOTE: This area is located about 3 miles from Griffiss Air Force Base. This base did contain nuclear weapons storage and nuclear armed B-52 Bombers.As were traveling slowly down the road, I looked at the houses to my right, and I immediately saw a saucer shaped UFO flying just above the roofs of the houses. UFO was moving as slowly as we were. I then told my friend to stop the vehicle. We were at an intersection. When the car stopped the UFO saucer also stopped and hovered about 20-30 ft in the air on the side of us. I got out of the car and stood in the intersection. I observed this UFO saucer shaped disk light silver in color. I also observed different color lights rotating on the bottom of the saucer, as well as a blinking red light on the very top of the UFO. I also observed 3 or 4 windows, that I can describe as round portholes that are usually on an old ship. This UFO disk was just hovering with absolutely no sound. As I stood outside the car I actually started waving both my arms at the UFO. I could not see any light or any objects through the windows on the UFO. As I was waving my arms at it the UFO then came lower and immediately took off into the sky. I kept my eye on it and we were actually following it although it kept climbing at the same time. We were able to follow it until it disappeared into the sky. I felt a little nervous but ecstatic at the same time, after observing such a thing. My friend and I decided that we were not going to tell anybody about this because we figured the government, and especially GAFB, would just deny it. However we drove back to Hazleton Park, which is located in the same area of the observation and close to GAFB. All of a sudden, we heard and observed several jets taking off from the base circling the area and appearing to do touch and goes. This was not normal for this to occur, especially at night.Sometime in 2010, I was talking to two of my co-workers, one of which grew up in that same neighborhood. He told the other friend of mine about a UFO he saw around Hazleton Park back in 1974. He talked about all of the jets suddenly starting to take off also. Come to find out, he saw the same UFO and really never talked about it before. mufon cms# 88329 Note: UFO Photo above only depicts the actual UFO Sighting

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