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Bright White UFO Sighting 10/5/17 moving across sky near Dunblane Scotland

Bright UFO Lights over Glassingall GB 10-5-17

UFO Sighting occurred on the evening of 5th October 2017 just before 8:pm. We were driving north on the A-9 from Stirling towards Perth in Scotland, UK. It had been raining but was dry at the time of the sighting. There was some dark cloud cover but breaks in the cloud and a full moon visible, very bright. The UFO sighting happened at 19:55. It was a brief event, over in a matter of seconds. I noticed a bright white light in the sky above, while I was looking at the full moon. Initially I didn't think it was anything in particular, just that it was a bright light. The UFO sighting consisted of three bright flashes, moving from right to left and the entire event was over very quickly, in about 3 seconds. The UFO, or light, was composed of two rectangular shapes right next to each other. The UFO Sighting flashed once to the right, once above and once slightly to the left in a shallow V' shape pattern. It left the impression of an UFO moving almost instantaneously in time from one location to the next. I felt excited and that I was witnessing something strange, unusual and unexplainable. The words UFO sprang to mind, even if just because it was unexplainable. It was too fast to be any kind of aircraft such as a plane or helicopter. It was too low, too large, too bright and moving way too fast to be a star or the International Space Station. It's movements were quick: flashes of light of light appearing in different parts of the sky in quick succession, traveling on a path. There did not appear to be any trails. I lost sight of the UFO because it appeared to go behind cloud cover and did not reappear after the third flash. mufon cms# 87148

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