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British Royal Family UFO Alien Sighting Encounter

Lord Mountbatten Prince Charles UFO Alien Sightings Encounter

"The UFO Sighting was shaped like a child's huge humming-top and half way between 20 ft or 30 ft in diameter," the official report states. Its color of the UFO was like dull aluminum, rather like a kitchen saucepan. UFO was shaped like the sketch which I have endeavored to make, and had portholes all around the middle, rather like a steamer has. While I was watching, a column, about the thickness of a man, descended from the center of the saucer and I suddenly noticed on it, what appeared to be a man, presumably standing on a small platform on the end. He did not appear to be holding on to anything. Alien seemed to be dressed in a dark suit of overalls and was wearing a close fitting hat or helmet."  https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4493887/prince-philips-uncle-lord-mountbatten-was-ufo-enthusiast-and-even-documented-alien-spaceship-landing-on-his-estate/   source Frank Stalter

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