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Ouija board contact alien ufos

Bret Colin Sheppard‎ // Ilona Podhrázská

“Ouija board sessions.” According to Vance Davis, the Ouija board put the six soldiers in touch with an entity that named herself Safire, and others. Also this use of a Ouija board was taught at Fort Mead. Vance told me on the phone that it wasn't religious in nature so whoever wrote the article tried to make them look foolish and religious. This was not the truth. The contact was with ET's. Between December 1989 and July 1990, the Ouija-summoned ET's gave the group a series of predictions of coming world events which, Davis claims, were passed along to military authorities upon their arrest, together with the copious notes that were taken by the group during the eight Ouija sessions. This at least suggests that the story was true and not fabricated by the group upon their arrest: they could provide documents that Ouija sessions were at the basis of their obsession to arrive in Florida. source Ilona Podhrázská

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