Rocket/Missile shaped UFO Sighting flying low over my home Walsall GB.

Mystery airship drawing Nov 22 1896

I remember the UFO Sighting very clear. I was young around the age of 6/7. I was inside my bedroom overlooking the garden where my cousins and sisters were playing, it was a hot clear day. As I look out the window I saw a very strange looking UFO aircraft similar to a shape of a missile. UFO Sighting was very large with a white surface and green 'wings/rudders', along with writing with what looked the be a flag/badge. The UFO was very low, flying at a very slow speed in a straight path and also appeared to be slowly rotating without changing course. The UFO Sighting lasted roughly 30-40 seconds before loosing sight as it flew over the house. The next day I discussed the UFO Sighting with my classmates. 2 others witnessed the UFO that day but in different locations and colours ranging from white/red, white/blue and the UFO I witnessed being white/green. Oddly a few days later no one seemed to remember the UFOs but me. 10 years on I can still recall the UFO Sighting as clear as day, but I seem to be the only one. To this day I have not seen a similar aircraft, not even military. This is the only UFO I have witnessed and I strongly believe it was not made by man. mufon cms# 85331 UFO Sighting occurred on July 17th 2007 over Walsall GB/ photo above Mystery Airship Drawing on Nov 22nd 1896 SF California

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