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UFO News Failure Of the UFO Community

The Failure of The UFO Community to deal with the new Paradigm is discussed here with Rey Hernandez of FREE, and Miles Johnston of the Bases Project. In the 3rd hour of the major new interview with forward reaching and scientific organization, founded by the late Edgar Mitchell Apollo 14 astronaut, FREE, Reinerio Hernandez gives a scathing account of the backward Global UFO Community, stating the three major US based organizations, MUFON, Contact in The Desert, and the International UFO Congress, Open Minds, as totally out of touch with the new paradigm. He even shows that MUFON's "Confidential UFO witness database" is Contracted to media groups, showing how the History channels Hanger 1 had open access to his family's 'Confidential' UFO contact case. Bases 60 FREE Part 3 Failure of UFO Community

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