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UFO Followed My Car Home Sunnyside Washington

A UFO followed my car

I had just gotten of work and was driving home. I take the back roads home and got on factory road outside of Sunnyside Washington. After about 3 minutes or so traveling down the road I notice an Orange light near two red lights in a triangular pattern. The orange light was blinking. I immediately thought it was a Chinook helicopter thought found it strange how low it was to the ground and the lack of sound. I also noticed it was traveling a bit fast to be a helicopter. It flew from South to North. I began to think it was a drone of some kind. My speed was about 50 miles per hour, though I was slowing down not wanting to get to close to the UFO. It crossed the road in front of me and then I proceeded to pass it. I found it to strange it grabbed my curiosity. An on coming car passed me and once it did I pulled into a dirt drive way and turned around. Doing a U-turn. I quickly drove back and found that it was out in the same area I had left it. I slowed down in the middle of the road, though with no place to pull over I simply stopped in the middle of road. Begin able to see a mile In front of my and behind me. I was facing West with my back to the East. It seem to stop flying South and also began to Fly West .I quickly reached for my smart phone and pulled up the camera app. I began to record as I drew closer. This was when I noticed a white light, much like a star start to fly down from above it and near the UFO. Though it quickly got my attention as it Quickly stopped again and turned 90 degrees and flew South across the road again. Once the UFO had done this it began to fly West. UFO was flying parallel to the road and I began to get a little scared. Though it stopped and then began to fly NW from it's located towards me. I became over whelmed with fear knowing this wasn't a plane or a helicopter having both my windows down I would have heard something. I through my phone in the passenger seat and began to speed off. As I began to pass it I came as close as I ever was to the UFO. It was a gray triangle, with three Orange lights and one Red glowing light in the middle with 2 small green lights near the rear. The UFO was hovering. I am now driving back from where I had came from. Heading into Sunnyside on factory road. I reached a speed of 97 miles an hour and quickly began to slow down. I felt safer near town though now that it was nearly 11:pm and no one would be around. That safe feeling quickly went away. I turned left onto Handford Road and before getting to Yakima valley high way I turned left onto another road that was near a car dealership and stopped again to see if I could​ see the UFO. It was flying West again and was in the same light configuration as I first saw it. With one blinking orange light and two red ones. I watched it fly for a short time before it began to fly South West and I didn't want it getting to close again I got back onto Handford Road and onto Yakima valley high way driving towards Grandview. Once I got home and got of my car & saw the UFO again. It had followed me approximately 6 miles and was flying South East though I did not turn and I watched the UFO fly in that direction till it was out of sight. I thought about following the craft but didn't want to push my luck as I began to feel afraid again. When I reviewed the video I recorded, the UFO was not captured due to it being to dark outside, and had stop recoding without me pressing pause as I passed the UFO. mufon cms# 83990

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