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UFO Sighting formation of lights in a triangular shape over Ardmore Oklahoma

UFO Sightings Lights Ardmore OK 2017

I was traveling IH 35 north right outside Ardmore OK. when I took an exit to use the restroom. While I was out I noticed a streak of light in the sky. I turned to look thinking it was a star, as I looked I noticed it was moving back and forth ( from left to right, then back to left, then it started hovering in a pretzel like design. As I was watching that another streak came from what I thought was the star next to it. But like the other UFO it did not behave like a star or any normal craft. It went digital instantly disappearing. I went back to looking at the first UFO and again it changed to a digital path, again moving back and forth before returning again to the pretzel shape path. After that I started getting mixed feelings for I was excited because I've always known there was life outside this planet/ dimension. The other feeling was Real eerie. I felt like I was being watched and that whoever was watching me wasn't far. So I walked back to my rig and headed towards OK.City. mufon CMS #82581

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