UFO Sighting over Laurentian Mountains Quebec Canada 8/6/16

Black UFO Triangle

at 2h38 am EDT, I went outside because my dog was asking for the door. 
As I was waiting for him, i happened to lookup at the sky. It was a clear night sky without a single cloud. With prominent stars in full display. Then a silent UFO that can only be described as a Black Triangle UFO coming from the south, was heading north-west, following a straight and steady trajectory. Here are the ballpark GPS coordinates: 
45°55'11.6"N 74°11'49.3"W The UFO had 3 larger soft white lights forming a triangular with a smaller red light at the center. The white lights did not blink or pulsate. But the red light did pulsate a few times. It went at a speed comparable to a Cessna plane. Although completely silent. As the UFO moved through the sky, the encounter lasted roughly 2 minutes, before it disappeared beyond the tree line. I have never seen such a UFO craft in my life. Whatever it was, it is not a typical aircraft that we are used to in daily life. I'm attaching a sketch that I found via Google, as a representation of what I saw. MUFON CMS# 78245

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