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Prominent psychic investigator Nancy du Tertre interviews Joseph Burkes MD on her hour-long Internet talk show “Hot Leads Cold Cases.” Dr Burkes describes how and why he joined Dr Greer’s CSETI group. In the process he became a coordinator for networks of experiencers looking to further communication with the intelligence associated with the UFO phenomenon.

In a broad sweeping discussion controversial topics are covered. These include:

The strong mental connections between UFO intelligence and members of Dr Burkes’ Los Angeles based CE-5 Initiative team.

Evidence of surveillance by clandestine intelligence operatives during UFO field investigations

The high strangeness associated with contact work in which our conventional concepts of time and space and causality are challenged by UFO intelligence

The role of charismatic leaders in the contactee networks

Dr. Burkes’ increasing skepticism about the ET hypothesis and the plausibility of the inter-dimensional paradigm as put forward by researchers John Keel and Dr Jacques Vallee.

The fear factor in contact work and how UFO intelligence assists experiencers in overcoming this common human response

The similarity between UFO-human interactions and those studied by paranormal investigators like ghosts.

The bizarre November 1994 Joshua Tree encounter with anomalous stereotypic shooting stars that repeatedly appeared on request.

And how in a kind of children’s instructional format of “show and tell,” UFO intelligence led Dr Burkes on a journey that resulted in the formulation that he now calls the “Virtual Experience Hypothesis.”

This radical notions asserts that the intelligence behind the flying saucer phenomenon creates visual displays that we interpret as “sightings” that are in a sense illusions and how UFO intelligence can possibly even create false memories that we recall as “close encounters.”

This program was produced in December of 2012


Episode 69 - Hot Leads Cold Cases Guest Dr. Joseph Burkes, Physician, Ufolog...


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